Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This and That, FOs and WIPs

Ah,the joy of quick and easy knits! Two FOs to report, which were both extremely fun to knit.

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Pattern: Munstersockens for the 5yo. No pattern, 3x1 rib
Yarn: scraps,bit and pieces of sock yarn
Notes: 56 sts on 2.25mm needles.

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Pattern: Bulky-Weight Andean Mittens from "Folk Mittens" by Marcia Lewandowski
Yarn: Odd balls of wool from stash.
Notes: Love this pattern. Second time around was a breeze and I'll knit this again. Beth's idea (in the comments) of doing mismatching mittens (same pattern, different colours) is fabulous.

Next up is my order from yesasia. I am fascinated by Japanese Crafting and these are my first actual Japanese books. I can't stop looking at them!

WIP Report

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1) in the background is a yellow afghan I am putting together from squares received from my crochet square exchange. I'm bordering each with Sage.

2) on the left, that tiny bit of ribbing is the start of the Salish Mittens from "Folk Mittens"

3) on the right, I am now working on the Traveling Socks by Lucy Neatby from "Socks, Socks, Socks". The variegated yarn is the Knitpicks "Hawaii" I received in the Sock scrap Swap. This has got to be the most fun I've ever had knitting a sock. I just love it!

Up Next: The sixsox, Folk Socks, and Knitting on the Road KAL's are all anouncing their next socks on the 1st of Dec.


Aimee said...

Everything looks wonderful! Just found your site, so great to meet you. Have you seen the book "Favorite Mittens" by Robin Hansen? It totally inspired me, as has all your FOs and WIPs. Thanks!

SDMC said...

Your socks are so cool! I love mutli colored things!