Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Norwegian Socks


I must say I feel relief that these are done. The second sock was knit very quickly which surprised me after the fiasco with the first.

Click here to enlarge.

I hate my camera, so no progress pics of the mitre blankets today, sorry.

Now, I'm working on the second pink ladder socks, but I'm also re-knitting toes on a couple of older socks. I was wearing these last week when my foot felt cold and I thought I had stepped in something wet, when I looked at the bottom of my foot I found a humungous hole on the bottom of the toe. I hate the toes on these anyway and am re-knitting star toes. One done, one to go. And a couple of weeks ago I took these away from the 5yo, since I could see his big toes starting to poke through. I will cut off the toes and then add a little length to the foot before reknitting the toes.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mitres, Socks, and Stash-a-long

Thank you to everyone for the comments on my mitred blanket! I do love it and it is wonderfully snuggly and warm on our bed. I am proud of it as it is the largest blanket I have ever knit and the only mitred blanket I have kept for myself. (The others were gifted). It isn't quite so psychodelic looking in real life, since it is so big.

Now, I have to ask you all to hang your head in shame with me as this week I broke the stash-a-long (with only a week and a bit to go!) and bought myself some of the wonderful Regia sock yarn from elann. I guess I must have been in a euphoric haze from finishing the blanket! Oh well, almost three months with no yarn buying has been good for me and I'm pleased with myself for having made it so far. I'm not going to officially join the new Stash-a-long blog but I am going to try and keep up knitting from stash as much as possible. I have enough stash to keep me going for a few years it seems!

With the blanket out of the way, I've picked up the Norwegian socks again and progress is going very well with the second sock, now that I can just follow what I did for the first one and I've finished the leg and just started the heel. Which has freed up the extra needle and I can now get to work on the second Pink Ladder Sock as well. So my fellow socksters can look forward to seeing sock progress here once again.

If you can believe it, I have to tell you I started another (actually two!) mitred blankets. I just love these things!! I'm working one with a blue yarn for the MC, so it is not going to be 100% scrappy like the black one. But I am working from the scrap basket (I seem to have an endless supply of scraps) and blindly pulling out yarns, if it goes with the blue I use it and if it doesn't I've started another one with black again. I think I may see how many of these blankets I can knit this year and give as Christmas presents.

No pictures today, but stay tuned for the next post when I should have finished socks to show and will post progress pics of the blankets and you can all see the lovely yarn that was my undoing in the stash-a-long.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MItred Squares Blanket

Well, here she is!!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking today. I haven't measured it but it fits my queen size bed very nicely.

Click here to enlarge.

And a close-up:

Click here to enlarge.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I'm so excited I just had to post this short entry:

My Blanket Is Finished!!!!!!

Photos to come tomorrow, when I can take it outside and hopefully get some good shots.

Stay tuned .......

Monday, March 06, 2006

Pink Ladder Sock & Update

First Pink Ladder sock is finished. I really like this pattern. I haven't started the second one yet because I need to wait until I'm finished the leg of the Norwegians (I'm using 5 needles for the leg) so I can have one of the needles. I need to get another set of #2 needles!

And for those of you eagerly awaiting news of the mitred blanket, (You know you are!). I am on the final round! I've done 2 sides and 2 more to go, then it is finished. I really didn't think I'd finish this before the Stash-along ended but it is going to happen. Stay tuned for the next post for photos! I just hope I can do it justice with my lousy camera.

And the Norwegians: just finished the star pattern at the top of the leg and starting now on the main leg pattern.

Astrid: Go here to find out about postcrossings. Scroll down a bit to "How to Participate". It really is as easy as it looks!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Norwegian Nemesis

Well, the Norwegians did it to me again, but I got back at them. The pattern says to start toe 3" less than desired length and looking at the picture they do have a nice 3" toe. Well, I thought "that's nice" and preceded to knit as instructed. Well, I finished and ended up with a 2" toe.

The socks are way too short for me!! But I'm not out for the count yet! My foot is 8.5", these socks are 7.5", well my 5year old has a 7" foot so on they went to his foot and being somewhat baggy they do fit. They will actually be nice for house socks and with jeans tucked into the leg fit rather well. But I was thinking that my niece, who is 7, has the same size foot as him. So I am going to save the socks for a present for her next Christmas. Now the second one has been cast on and I'm finishing the cuff. Here's the finished first sock:

On other news, I've been receiving my Wizard of Oz altered puzzle pieces back and you can see them on my other blog. I did create a second blog, but I just post pictures of my art. This is where I do all my writing.

And today I received my very first postcrossing card. I love it!! X-Files is one of my favourite shows.