Sunday, October 01, 2006

Socktoberfest & Stash Overhaul

First order of business is socks! I am currently knitting these socks from a sotmc kit from a few months back. These will be my Socktoberfest socks and my October Sock a month socks. Nothing like doing double duty with your kals!

I have been knitting almost exclusively on the mitred blanket this last week. I realized I was almost finished so decided to get a move on with this. I have two more sides to complete then I'll have finished pics to show!

I spent this last week doing something stupid useful. I reorganized my stash. I sorted out by weight and purpose. I thought that doing this might actually reduce the number of boxes of stash but in the end I had one more box than I started with!

I made boxes for each weight of yarn and then separated the sock worthy yarn into separate boxes for both sock weight and sport weight. I also sorted out the 100% wool worsted and cotton (regardless of weight) into separate boxes. Whether this will be helpful or not is doubtful but I feel a little less overwhelmed than before I started.

So, what have I pulled out of the stash to knit next? you ask. Another blast from the past with this:

Scheepjeswol Mohair Ombre. A lovely variegated colour of medium and light tans and grey. 67% Mohair, 28% Wool, 5% Nylon. I have 9 full balls and an extra 20 grams. Making 470 grams or 376 metres. Recommended needles are size 6 or 7. But I am wondering, since all the info on the ball band is metric do they mean 6mm/7mm or the old UK sizes 6/7 which would be 4.5mm/5mm. The yarn strand itself is very thin, about a fingering weight, then it has a huge halo making it fluffy and thick. What do you think? I've never knit with mohair before.

So, once I know what needles to use with this the big question is what the heck should I knit with it all? Would it work for a shawl? Other than the feather & fan shawls I've done I have never knit a large lace shawl and I would love to take one on. Pattern suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Aimee said...

That type of mohair yarn always looks finer than it really knits up. That is, the fuzzy halo really fills in around the fine core yarn. A laceweight mohair might be about 200-240 meters pr 25grams. A heavy worsted or bulky would be more like 80meters per 40grams. Maybe that helps. I think the lace shawl/stole idea is great.