Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Child's Winter Helmet Pattern

This is a vintage pattern I have been using, I have rewritten it to work in the round.

Yarn: 100 gr. worsted weight
Needles: 3.75 mm (US #5) long dpns or short circular; and a longer circular.
2 safety pins or stitch holders.

Size: this fits my 5yo, but it will easily fit about a 3-6.

Cast on 70sts. Join. Work 3" in K1,P1 ribbing.

Next row: Rib 10, Knit 50, Turn. Put remaining 10 sts on holder.
Next row: Purl 50. Turn. Put remaining 10 sts on another holder.

Working on centre 50 sts. work back and forth in rows in stocking stitch until entire piece from beginning measures 9", ending with a Purl row.

Short row Head shaping:
1st row: K34,Sl 1, K1, psso. Turn
2nd row: P19, P2tog. Turn
3rd row: K19, Sl 1, K1, psso. Turn
Repeat row 2 and 3 until all 20 sts are on one needle, ending with 2nd row. Cut yarn.

Face ribbing: With right side of work facing and using circular needle long enough to fit around face opening, rib across 10 sts on first holder, pick up and knit 26 sts along side of face edge, knit across 20 sts, pick up and knit 26 sts along other side of face opening, rib across 10 sts on 2nd holder. Join, and place marker for beginning of round.

Work 9 rnds of k1, p1 ribbing. Cast off loosely in ribbing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicola,
My sock yarn arrived, thanks!! I like the orange colors.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

I made this! My son loves it and I have had many requests for the pattern from friends. Thank you thank you thank you!



Anne K. said...

Hi, Nicola. I just did a Google search on Child's Winter Helmet and found your site. This is exactly the sort of pattern I was looking for, so thanks!

Actually I am planning to adapt it into a larger size with a finer gauge. I have a friend (and believe it or not, HER name is Nicola, too!!) who is undergoing chemotherapy. I've made and knit a lot of caps for her but she continues to be bothered by drafts on the back of her neck while sleeping...even turtlenecks and scarves still let a gap of chilly air in and bother her! So I think an adult-size version of fine, very soft yarn and more open under the chin - may work well for her. This pattern gives me the info on short rows that I need.

I invite you to visit my blog on community service crafting as well! Have bookmarked your site and will be back often. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am knitting mittens, scarves, etc. for our local elementary school (some children go to school without mittens, etc. because the family can't afford them.) I was thinking today that helmet hats would be a perfect thing to wear--they are so warm. I searched and searched for a pattern and found the one you had posted on your site--I was so happy and the bonus was that that picture of the blue varigated hat was IDENTICAL to the one I knit over 30 years ago for my son!! Many thanks. L.S.

Wakana said...

Hi, Nicola. This is such a cute pattern! Thank you for sharing this with us. I'd like to make one for my twin boys, but do you have gauge on this? Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Sorry, no guage. I made it so long ago and don't have one on hand anymore to measure.

Perhaps someone who makes one can leave a gauge sample in the coments.

Unknown said...

Just love this hat. I have made several for the grandchildren. the pattern is perfect! Thanks