Monday, July 11, 2005

Sock on Your Head?

This week I worked on my crochet exchanges and have mailed them all for this month. I've been plugging along on the mitre blanket and the funky afghan, picking them up in the evenings for a square or two. I'm on square 10 of 14 for the funky so should be nearing completion soon.

My designs: I've finished one toddler basic cable sock and have the pattern written out, now to fine tune it while I knit the second one. I've also started the second sample of my Butterfly Rib socks and I do much prefer it in two colours. The pattern stands out nicely in the solid yarn.

And for a finished object, I quickly knit up this helmet for my five year old on Saturday.

This pattern is from an old vintage (1940s) pattern booklet. I'm going to make some more but I'm going to rewrite the pattern in the round, I hate seams. And if you look at it from a different angle:

you can see that it is knit like a sock! You make the ribbing, then do a huge heel with a square heel turning for the head. I also think if I increase the number of stitches a tad I can put a nice aran/cable pattern on the head instead of plain stocking stitch.

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