Sunday, July 17, 2005

Butterfly Rib Socks

Butterfly Rib Socks

The angle of picture makes one look skinnier than the other, but trust me they really are the same size. This is a wide rib pattern with a little lace in the ribs that I think looks like butterflies. This is quite a stretchy stitch and the pattern really stands out when they are being worn.

Close ups:

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If you knit this pattern, I would love you to send me a link to a pic of your finished socks!

BUTTERFLY RIB SOCKS – to fit woman’s foot

Materials: fingering/sock yarn
- 50gr. variegated Color A; 100gr. solid Color B
-One set (4) dpns US#1 (2.25mm)

NOTE: 50gr (with nothing left over) of Color B was sufficient for me to make a size 6 foot. If you make a larger foot or make the cuff longer than 5" you will definately need 100gr.

Gauge: 16 sts. = 2”

1st – 3rd rnd: (K1, P1) around
4th nd rnd: (P1, K1) around

LEG PATTERN: (8-stitch repeat)
1st – 4th rnd: (K7, P1) around
5th rnd: *K2, yo, sl1, K2tog, psso, yo, K2, P1* repeat from * around.
6th rnd: (K7, P1) around
7th – 8th rnd: same as 5th & 6th rnds.

CUFF: With A, cast on 64 sts (21/21/22). Join. Work Cuff Pattern for 2” ending rnd. 3. Cut A.

LEG: With B, begin Leg Pattern, repeating until work measures 5” (or desired length), ending with rnd 8. Cut B

Slip first 31 sts. onto needle 1, leave remaining 33 (instep) st. onto spare needle. Instep should start and end with a P. stitch.

HEEL: (worked over 31 sts.) With A:
1st row: (sl.1, K1) across, end K.1.
2nd row: Sl. 1, P to end.
Repeat these 2 rows until 32 rows completed in total, ending with right side facing.

1st row: K 17, ssk, K1, Turn
2nd row: Sl.1, P5, P2tog, P1, Turn
3rd row: Sl.1, K6, ssk, K1, Turn
4th row: Sl.1, P7, P2 tog, P1, Turn
5th row: Sl. 1, K8, ssk, K1, Turn
6th row: Sl.1, P9, P2 tog, P1, Turn

Continue working in this manner until all stitches have been worked ending with a P row. (17sts) Cut A.

1st needle: K17 heel st.,Pick up and knit 16 sts along side of heel.
2nd needle: continue 33 instep sts in pattern as established.
3rd needle: Pick up and knit 16 sts along side of heel. K9 heel st. (24/33/25)

Beginning rnd at center of heel:
1st rnd: 1st needle: K to last 3 sts. K2tog, K1.
2nd needle: work pattern
3rd needle: K1, ssk, K to end.
2nd rnd: 1st needle: Knit
2nd needle: work pattern
3rd needle: Knit
Repeat these 2 rnds, keeping continuity of pattern on 2nd needle of 33 instep stitches until 64 sts remain. (15/33/16)

FOOT: Continue even on these 64 sts. Knitting 1st and 3rd needles and continuing pattern on 2nd needle until foot measures 2” less than desired length of foot. Cut B.

Slip 1st st. of needle 2 onto needle 1. (16,32,16)

TOE: With A: 1st rnd: 1st needle: K to last 3 sts. K2 tog, K1
2nd needle: K1, ssk, K to last 3 sts. K2 tog, K1
3rd needle: K1, ssk, K to end.
2nd rnd: Knit
Repeat these 2 rnds until 20 sts. remain (5/10/5)

Knit sts from 1st needle onto 3rd needle.
Kitchener stitch ends together.

Work 2nd sock same as first.

Variation: Work entire sock in one color, 1 – 100gr ball needed.

© 2005, Nicola Manning
Not to be reproduced in any manner, except for own personal use.


Anonymous said...

wow they llok good,is there anyway of making the picture of them bigger?I would love to see them up close
earth mother
btw thanks for putting out a great sock pattern!

suzanneMI said...

These look lovely and something I want to try! Thank you kindly for sharing your pattern.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Very nice! I especially like your use of variegated yarn in the cuffs / heels / toes.

craftygal7388 said...

I love the pattern. thanks for putting it online for us to use.

Anonymous said...

I just finished making those socks. They were so fun to make and they turned out awesome! Thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try some lace on socks. These look perfect to begin. I have a very small foot. Wear children's size 2 1/2 - 4 shoe. Socks are always too long in the foot so I'm looking forward to trying these.
Thanks for allowing us to hug our feet with your creation.

Unknown said...

Are the p1s supposed to line up, or will the whole pattern shift after the row with the yos? I really like these socks and I'm hoping to figure that out so I can make them.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenna! The p1's do line up. So the pattern looks like a k7, p1 rib with the little lace yo pattern centered on the k7 part. Hope that helps!

Angie said...

You had asked for links to finished socks...

Hope I did them justice.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed knitting these socks. Easy and adorable. I used KnitPicks Risata sock yarn and size 2 needles. With two balls, I made a large sized women's sock and added one inch to leg length. Had about 6 inches of yarn left over! They are going to be a gift I cannot wait to give. Thanks for making the pattern available.