Saturday, October 29, 2005

Flashing for Socktoberfest

I have a case of startitis and have too many wips at the moment. I've recently started these:

Helmet for the 5yo, finished.

Started working on the sixsox Mosaic Socks, my hubby is pestering me to knit him some socks so these are for him.

An irrisistable urge to knit fishies hit me one evening.

Other wips are the Latvian Socks, Gotland Island Mitts, and Big Granny Blanket.

I hereby do declare that I will not start anything else until all most of these are done.

The end of Socktoberfest is drawing near and I'm celebrating by flashing my sock stash. Join the celebration and flash yours too!

This just includes sock weight yarn, it does not include sock weight I've set aside for non-sock projects, nor does it include any sport/ww I intend to knit socks with.

The Solids

The Multis

Click here to see bigger pics of everything.


SDMC said...

What a stash!!! I'm envious. My sock stash is pretty small at the moment. Guess I should go shopping; huh? (By the way, I love the helmet. Where did you get the pattern?)

Lissa said...

I'm in love with the fishies! Can you please tell me where you got the pattern? thx :D

Lolly said...

that is a VERY impressive stash!! wow!